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Vaghi S.r.l. is specialised in office and community chairs, that are manufactured and tested at the company's facilities. Our collaboration with architects, research organisations and certification agencies has allowed us to propose, over the last fifty years, a number of exclusive models, inspired by the most innovative design and ergonomics. Each product is certified in compliance with the strictest national and international standards for performance, quality and environmental friendliness of the materials. Vaghi was established in 1964 as an upholstery shop,Tappezzeria Fratelli Vaghi, by the Vaghi brothers and thanks to their entrepreneurial attitude it soon gained a position on the national and international markets, becoming a reference company in the domain of office chairs. In 1974 the craftsmen's shop moved to a facility of 5,000 sqm and starts a production of 24,000 chairs per year. The non-stop improvement process, pursued with creativity and resolution has led the company to own 20,000 sqm of production and warehouse facilities with a yearly production rate of 120,000 chairs.

Vaghi has lived through the history of Italy since the post-war years, adapting its products to the changing market needs.
In the 60s, during the economic boom, the company launched the innovative models "Serie 65" and "Serie Super". In the 70's, the new "Made in Italy" stylistic sensitivity becomes a worldwide success. Vaghi starts to collaborate with important designers and launches the "Uno" series, the famous "Union Group" and later the "Kiruna" model, which in six years sells 100.000 pieces. In the 80s the use of resins stimulates new ideas and projects and softens lines and shapes: the results are the "Sana" and "Allegra" models, which in 1988 participate to the prestigious award "Compasso D'Oro". In the 90s, the computers' revolution modifies completely the sector of office chairs, imposing essential ergonomics requested by computer work: the Tarifa and Guam models are the answer these new needs. Since the year 2000, a new way has started, where office space is seen as a place where ideas, projects and important moments can be shared; these are the years when Vaghi designed their Morea and Aalta models. The work environment is constantly changing and the new concepts of smart-office and co-working spaces demand new products, such as Expo 15 and Suoni.Creative design and production skills are successfully combined with communication and commercial ability on both the national and international markets, reflected in the participation to many events and through partnerships in several countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Korea and China. From the project to the product, from production to certification, everything is carried out pursuing total quality, through the most rigorous procedures of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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