Vaghi - Sedute per ufficio e arredamento
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Sophisticated work chair with a soft and organic aesthetic. It catches the eye with its ergonomics and a design in which one feels fully at home and at ease.

Whether classically upholstered or with a mesh backrest, all models impress with their design, innovation and comfort.

Comfortable and ergonomic swivel chair with a contemporary design. Adjustable back (2 heights), wooden or upholstered frame.

Padded swivel chair.Adjustable back with two options, built-in headrest

Led base guest chair with ergonomic upholstered back, and poloshed or painted frame.

Fully padded guest swivel or sled chair.

Elegant swivel chair, unique aluminum pressure cast armrests

Comfortable, ergonomic executive chair, with padded seat, and back support.

Swivel chair with upholstering in fabric or different types of leather. Built-in headrest with aluminum armrests.

Classic swivel chair. Chair and back with separate padding. Armrests in laminated aluminum.

Classic soft comfortable moulded swivel chair. Upholstered frame, gray beading.

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