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The Italian Data Protection Authority as request by an European guideline, requires web pages to show visitors a banner that informs them of the cookie policy the site they are consulting and to make their acceptance conditional on continuing to browse.

In this regard, if you need more information or if you have questions about the privacy policy of this site, please contact us by email at

This page describes the way personal information is received, collected and used by For this purpose, cookies as text files are used to facilitate user navigation.


1) What are cookies?
Cookies are text files that the visited sites send to the user's browser and are stored and then retransmitted to the site on the next visit.

2) What cookies are used for?
Cookies can be used to control sessions, to identify an user so that he can access a site without enter his name and password every time and to store his preferences

3) What are technical cookies?
The technical cookies are used for navigation and to facilitate access and use of the webpage by the user. Technical cookies are essential for example to access Google or Facebook without having to log in to all sessions. They are also needed for “sensitive information” i.e. those of home banking or payment by credit card.

4) Are Analytics cookies, technical cookies?
Are technical cookies, the cookies entered in the browser and retransmitted through Google Analytics or through the Blogger Statistics service or similar? The Italian Data Protector Authority stated that these cookies can be considered technical only if "used for the purpose of optimizing the site directly by the owner of the site, who will be able to collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site. Under these conditions, the same rules (for privacy policy and consent) apply to technical cookies are used for analytics cookie.

5) What are profiling cookies?
The profiling cookies are used to track user navigation to create profiles on his tastes, preferences, interests and also on his searches. You will certainly have seen advertising banners related to a product that you searched the internet just before. The servers appropriately addressed by these cookies, have shown you the advertisements contemplated most relevant.

6) Is user consent required for the installation of cookies on his terminal?
Consent is not requested for the installation of technical cookies, while profiling cookies can be installed in the user's terminal only after his consent and after a simplified way notice.
7) How can webmaster request consent?
The Italian Data Protection Authority stated that when the user visited a website, a banner containing a brief information must appear, the request for consent and a link to the more extensive information such as the one visible on this page on what cookies are profiling and the use that is made of it on this page.

8) How the banner is to be created?
The banner has to be conceived to hide a part of the page content and specify that the site also uses third-party profiling cookies. The banner must be able to be deleted only with an active action on the part of the user as a click.

9) What indications have to contain a banner?
The banner has to contain a brief information, a link to the more extensive information and, the button to give consent to the use of profiling cookies

10) How consents cookies are stored?
It is allowed that a technical cookie is used that takes into account the user's consent so that he does not have to give again his consent on a following visit to the site.

11) Is the banner the only way to get the consent to the use of cookies?
No, other systems can be used but the selected system must have the same characteristics. Banner use is not necessary for sites which use technical cookies only

12) What must be included in the extensive information page?
The characteristics of the cookies installed by the third party must also be illustrated. All users must be informed how to navigate into the site without tracing their preferences with the possibility of incognito browsing and with the cancellation of single cookies.

13) Who must inform the Italian Data Protection authority about the use of profiling cookies?
The owner of the website has this responsibility. If on the website third-party profiling cookies are used only, it is not necessary to inform the Italian Data Protection authority but it is requested to indicate which these third-party cookies are and to indicate the links to the related information

14) How long this regulation is in force?
This regulation is valid from June 2015

Essential cookies, these cookies are essential to allow you to browse the site and use all its features. Without these cookies, which are absolutely necessary, we would not be able to provide you with some services or functions and browsing the site would not be as easy and easy as it should be.

Performance cookies also called analytics cookies, collect information about the use you make of the site and allow us to improve its operation. For example, performance cookies show us which pages are most frequently visited, the recurring patterns of use of the site and help us understand any difficulties you find in using the site.

Functionality cookies, In some circumstances we may use functionality cookies. Functionality cookies allow us to remember the choices you make on the site and / or services that you expressly request, in order to provide you with more advanced and more personalized services, such as adding a fund to your "favorites",
personalizing some web pages, or remember the navigation language you have selected.



The site uses the Google Analytics- this is Google analysis service that helps website and app owners understand how visitors interact with the content they own. A set of cookies can be used to collect information and generate website usage statistics without personal identification of individual visitors by Google. In addition to generating reports on website usage statistics, the Google Analytics pixel tag can be used, together with some advertising cookies, to allow you to show more relevant results in Google properties (such as Google Search) and in all the Web. These types of cookies are stored on Google's servers which govern their privacy according to these guidelines. A user can disable Google Analytics while browsing using the additional component available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. You can also delete cookies individually for each domain, hide searches, set the Google ad settings.
Further information on the Google Analytics privacy policy can be found at the following addresses:


A third part service as 3D configurator for Vaghi srl models, supplied by showefy®.
Further information on privacy policy:


If the users / visitors, connecting to this site, send their personal data to access the services provided, or to make requests for assistance, this involves getting sender's address and / or other personal data to respond to the request, or for the provision of the service. Each conversation is archived, this to ensure better assistance for any future contacts and thus be able to resume the conversation from the same interruption point.


In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25, 2018, we inform you that you receive our Newsletter since you have been included in a special list, which we use only to send updated information to our contacts, regarding our projects, activities and events.

You can be part of this list because:

You have given your consent to the processing of your personal data and to the sending of the Newsletter. In this case, the processing of your data is based on your express consent.
The processing of your data for sending our newsletter is based on our legitimate interest in promoting our activities towards all those who have explicitly give their interest in our activities.
During fairs or events you have given us your business card, expressing interest in our business.
If you no longer wish to receive our communications, you can always withdraw your consent or request to be deleted from our list for sending the Newsletter, as recognized by art. 21 of the GDPR.


To be included in our Newsletter list, only your email is needed, if you want you can provide us other details (i.e. name, surname, residence place) they could be helpful to personalize our advices.

Collection and processing based on consent

You can start receiving our newsletter by accepting the service through the appropriate section in our site or in the email sent to you.
Newsletter registrations are kept in order to verify that your registration takes place according to what is required by law, which includes the registration of the confirmation time and the IP address.

We also keep track of any changes in your data.

Our staff, who manages our database, operates on the basis of our specific instructions relating to the purposes and methods of said treatments.

Collection and processing based on the legitimate interest of Vaghi S.r.l.
We wish to inform you that we use MailChimp services to send our newsletters.
MailChimp is a platform owned by Rocket Science Group, based in LLC, 675 Ponce del Leon Ave NE # 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308 USA, which distributes emails.
To allow MailChimp to spread our Newsletters faster, in a more personalized way, your email address and the additional data that we ask for and which are indicated in this statement, are registered on the MailChimp servers in the USA.
MailChimp uses this information for us in order to send emails and to make evaluations related to the Newsletter.
MailChimp declares to use this data in turn to improve and perfect its services, for example to technically perfect the sending procedures or for commercial purposes, in order to geographically localize the area from which the email recipients come from.
In any case, MailChimp will not use your data to contact you directly, nor will it send it to third party
We believe in the reliability of MailChimp, in the security of its technological systems and in the security of its data.
MailChimp is certified according to the provisions of the agreement between the USA and Europe, called "Privacy Shield" and has accepted to comply with the European legislation on the protection of personal data.
MailChimp undertakes to protect the data of our users and to treat them, on behalf of Vaghi S.r.l., in accordance with the provisions of the MailChimp Privacy Policy and not to disclose said data to third parties.

You can consult the MailChimp policy at this link:

Terms and withdrawal of consent

You can withdraw consent to send our newsletter or request to be deleted from our list at any time.
You can find the link to unsubscribe the Newsletter at the end of each email we send you.


If you believe that in the processing of your personal data there are violations of the rules, you have the right to complain to the Protection Data Authority, as per art. 77 of the Regulation itself, or to take appropriate judicial offices (art. 79 of the Regulation).
Holder of the treatment

The owner of the processing of your data collected for the purposes described above is Vaghi S.r.l., Email:
Data processors

The data collected for the purposes described above, are also processed by other subjects, appointed as data processors pursuant to art. 28 of the regulation.
The complete list of data processors can be requested at any time from the Data Controller.

Personal data are also processed by the staff of Vaghi S.r.l., who acts on the basis of specific instructions relating to the purposes and methods of said treatments.


The subjects to whom the personal data refer have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of the same data and to know its content and origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration, updating, or rectification (art. 7 D.L. 196/03). Pursuant to the same article, you have the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, and to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment. Requests must be sent to Holder of the treatment at the addresses indicated above.

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